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Senior Chinese official, British foreign secretary calls for closer cooperation
2011-09-29 22:58

Sept. 26,Visiting Chinese State Councilor Dai Bingguo and British Foreign Secretary William Hague on Monday hailed Sino-UK relations and called for closer cooperation between the two countries.

Dai, who started his two-state visit in Europe on Thursday in Paris, said all countries should act in a spirit of harmony, cooperation and solidarity to pursue win-win cooperation in the changing world.

He noted that while developed countries continue to prosper, a group of emerging and developing countries are on the rise.

Dai urged developed countries to support developing countries in their development endeavor, respect the development paths of their choice, and open the door for their involvement in the global governance and response to major global issues.

He said China valued its relations with Britain and wished to see a Britain that plays a positive and constructive role in international affairs.

Hague also said countries around the world have extensive common interests, and all major issues should be resolved through global cooperation.

The British coalition government is committed to play its role in world affairs and continue to develop relations with all countries, he said.

Britain was ready to forge closer relations with China and other emerging countries to confront complex and diverse global challenges and establish a global partnership through dialogue, Hague said.

The two sides also exchanged views on other global and regional issues of shared interest.

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