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Ambassador Zheng Zeguang: Anti-China clamours run counter to the trend of history, and the principles of mutual respect and mutual benefit must be observed in advancing China-UK relations
2022-11-24 20:10

On 22 November 2022, Chinese Ambassador to the UK H.E. Zheng Zeguang attended a financial and economic forum in London and gave a keynote speech. At the event, Ambassador Zheng elaborated on Chinas view on developing the China-UK relationship.

Ambassador Zheng noted that China and the UK are both permanent members of the UN Security Council and major economies of the world. The two sides should uphold dialogue and cooperation and develop healthy and stable relations, as this is in the fundamental interests of the people of both countries and is conducive to peace, stability and development of the world.

Currently, there are both challenges and opportunities in China-UK relations. It is important that the UK views China as it is and earnestly respect Chinas core interests. For quite some time now, some in the UK have been using issues related to Taiwan, Xinjiang and Hong Kong to spread lies and meddle in Chinas internal affairs. China firmly opposes it. What must be pointed out here is that on issues concerning Chinas core interests, we will never compromise. Our red line must never be crossed. Any words or deeds that undermine our interests will be met with forceful responses.

Some in the UK are bent on touting the China threat and clamour for cutting back China-UK economic and trade ties. They are chasing shadows and calling white black, and attempting to turn back the wheel of history. People with insight must see the damage they are doing and never let them get their way.

Ambassador Zheng emphasised that China follows a path of peaceful development, and is dedicated to world peace and common development and the building of a human community with a shared future. Chinas defensive policy is defensive in nature. We pose no military threat to the UK. Of the many economic difficulties facing the UK including high inflation, the cost of living crisis and energy shortage, China did not cause anyone of them. On the contrary, Chinese products, which are good for value, are helping British families deal with high inflation and maintain their living standard. In what way does China pose a threat?

With regard to the blocking of some Chinese investment by the UK government, Ambassador Zheng pointed out that of course every country needs to defend its national security, but this should not be done by overstretching the concept of national security. Market rules should not be violated. Discriminatory practices must be avoided. China is seriously concerned over the UK governments political intervention in some business cooperation projects. Such practice of the UK damages the interests of those companies involved and also deals a heavy blow to its own credibility among Chinese and international investors. China-UK economic and trade cooperation is mutually beneficial in nature. Joint efforts of both are needed for our business ties to maintain healthy development.

Ambassador Zheng briefed the audience on the recent progress of China-Europe relations and noted that the UK led western countries relations with China 50 years ago and should not lag behind now. Fifty years of ambassadorial relations have brought enormous gains for people in both countries, yet great potential remains to be tapped in our cooperation. For China-UK relations to move forward, principles such as mutual respect and mutual benefit must be observed. The UK side should keep up with the times and work with China in the same direction. It is hoped that people with vision in the UK will continue to play their role and make unrelenting efforts to promote China-UK dialogue and cooperation.

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