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Embassy Spokesperson on the Statement Made by the UK Side on the So-called “Overseas Police Stations”
2023-06-06 20:30

Question: On 6 June, Minister of State Tom Tugendhat at the Home Office made a written ministerial statement to Parliament on the so-called "overseas police stations". On the one hand, the statement said that no evidence of illegal activity was identified regarding the "overseas police stations", but on the other hand, it made insinuations about China. What is your comment?

Embassy Spokesperson: I have made it clear many times that there are no so-called “overseas police stations”. Facts have proven that the whole thing around the so-called “overseas police stations” is an outright political lie, and the hype up of this issue by some individual politicians is just political manipulation.

China urges the UK to stop spreading disinformation, stop hyping up the issue, and stop smearing China.

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