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Embassy Spokesperson on the Wrongful Remarks on China Made by the Head of the Relevant British Intelligence Agency
2023-05-31 23:05

Question: Yesterday, the head of the relevant intelligence agency of the UK’s Ministry of Defence claimed that China will compete more directly with the UK across many areas and that China will present the greatest challenge to the UK’s overseas interests and economic security in 2030. What is your comment?

Embassy Spokesperson: The relevant remarks of the British intelligence official are groundless and slanderous. These remarks are unacceptable to the international community. Even the British people will not buy such rumours.

The British people know full well where Britain’s present and future challenges come from. I have heard many people in the UK questioning British politicians: What have you done to reduce the high inflation and cost of living, to increase productivity, and to grow the economy in the next 30 years? Why obstruct good value Chinese products and investment that bring tax revenue and jobs from entering the UK? Are you going to repeat the mistakes of sending troops to Iraq and Afghanistan in the future?

The fact is that China’s development will only bring more opportunities to the world instead of posing any threat or challenge to any country. Attacking China will not solve Britain’s own problems. It would be wise for the UK side to spend more time figuring out the real challenges it is facing and focus more on how to deal with them. We urge the UK side to stop spreading anti-China rhetoric and stop inciting confrontation and rivalry so as to avoid leading China-UK relations to the wrong path.

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