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Embassy Spokesperson on British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Wrongful Remarks Related to China
2022-11-29 20:06

Question: According to media reports, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak talked about China in a foreign policy speech on 28 November. He falsely claimed that China poses “a systemic challenge to our values and interests” and that there are “abuses in Xinjiang – and the curtailment of freedom in Hong Kong”. He also mentioned that the UK side has blocked Chinese investment in its 5G networks and some projects. What’s your comment?

Embassy Spokesperson: The remarks from the UK side, which are full of ideological prejudice, constitute a malicious distortion and slander against China’s policies. We firmly oppose this.

China is committed to the path of peaceful development and dedicates itself to developing friendly and cooperative relations with other countries based on the principles of mutual respect, equality, and non-interference in each other’s internal affairs. It has always been a builder of world peace. China has brought opportunities to the development of the world through its own development, and has always been a contributor to global development.

According to a World Bank report, from 2013 to 2021, China contributed 38.6% on average to world economic growth, exceeding that of the G7 countries combined. In what way does China challenge the UK’s values and interests? The root cause of Britain’s difficulties today lies in itself. We do not accept groundless accusations against China.

As for issues related to Xinjiang and Hong Kong, these are China’s internal affairs, and the UK side is in no position or has any right to pass judgment. Facts have fully proved that the Chinese government has adopted the right policies on Xinjiang and Hong Kong, and these policies are conducive to safeguarding human rights, promoting development, and achieving long-standing peace and stability. The relevant remarks from the UK side confuse black and white out of ulterior motives. It is time for the UK side to seek treatment for its own colonial mindset.

Regarding the UK’s blockage of Chinese investment in some projects, such a practice blatantly violates market principles and international trade rules. And clearly, it does no one any good.

China urges the UK to abandon its prejudice, respect facts, and stop slandering China and interfering in China’s internal affairs. It is unwise to blindly follow the direction of the United States and intentionally erect barriers to the development of China-UK relations. The UK should work with China in the same direction, and expand cooperation and manage differences on the basis of mutual respect and mutual benefit. This is the right choice that serves the interests of the people of both countries.

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