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Consulate-General in the UK


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Chinese Embassy in UK
·  Notice on Requirements for Epidemic Prevention and Control of Passengers Traveling to China        ·  Notice on the Temporary Suspension of Entry into China by Non-Chinese Nationals in the UK Holding Valid Chinese Visas or Residence Permits        ·  Chinese Embassy and Consulates in the UK Will Issue Two-year Multi-entry Visas to British Nationals       
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· [China Daily] China urges UK to stop manipulating BNO scheme(2023-02-02)
· [ChinaDaily] Chinese Embassy in UK gives statement on China's COVID policy(2023-01-08)
· [CGTN] China says COVID-19 testing of travelers in Europe is discriminatory(2023-01-06)
· [ChinaDaily] The Chinese Embassy in the UK holds a briefing on China's COVID situation and respond policies(2023-01-08)
· [ChinaDaily] Embassy: geolocating device report 'sheer rumor'(2023-01-08)
· [The Observer] Sunak’s U-turn on China Covid tests is a political move, say scientists(2023-01-01)
· [People's Daily] Chinese ambassador to the UK: China has always put people and their lives front and center(2022-12-31)
· [huanqiu] China's recent optimisation and adjustment of response measures is based on scientific assessment: Chinese Ambassador to the UK(2022-12-31)
· [Xinhua] “China has always put people and their lives front and centre. Recent optimisation and adjustment of response measures is based on scientific assessment,” said Chinese Ambassador to the UK Zheng Zeguang in a signed article published in the Guardian(2022-12-31)
· [China Daily] Ambassador Zheng Zeguang published a signed article "In China, here is what we want the west to know about our Covid response" in The Guardian(2022-12-31)
· [People's Daily] Chinese Embassy spokesperson refutes British report on Chinese human rights and democracy(2022-12-11)
· [ChinaDaily] Embassy Spokesperson on China-related Content of Human Rights and Democracy: the 2021 Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office Report(2022-12-10)
· [] Ambassador Zheng Zeguang: The UK journalist misbehaved; China firmly rejects the groundless accusation of the UK side(2022-11-30)
· [CGTN] 'Stop slandering China' says embassy as Sunak signals end of China-UK 'golden era'(2022-11-30)
· [China Daily] Ambassador Zheng Zeguang: Anti-China clamours run counter to the trend of history, and the principles of mutual respect and mutual benefit must be observed in advancing China-UK relations(2022-11-25)
· [China Daily] Ambassador Zheng Zeguang: China has all along put the people and their lives above all else and committed itself to ensuring progress in both COVID-19 response and economic and social development(2022-11-25)
· [CGTN] 'Building a fairer society': Echoes from China's Communist Party Congress(2022-11-10)
· [Xinhua] World Insights: China's development is an inspiration for the world(2022-11-04)
· [ChinaDaily] CCCUK holds fifth China-UK Economic and Trade Forum in London(2022-11-10)
· [ChinaDaily] Ambassador shares insights into Party congress at London symposium(2022-11-07)
· [Xinhua] British experts laud China's achievements under CPC leadership(2022-11-04)
· [ChinaDaily] Forum stresses positive force of China-UK trade(2022-11-04)
· [ChinaDaily] UK experts welcome achievements of National Congress(2022-11-02)
· [CGTN] China paving way for 'new era' of prosperity, says ambassador to UK(2022-11-02)
· [China Daily] Taiwan is now a touchstone issue for the UK, the US and for us in China. This is how we see it(2022-08-16)
· [CGTN] Zheng Zeguang: Taiwan is now a touchstone issue for the UK, the U.S. and for us in China(2022-08-16)
· [China Daily] Ambassador Zheng Zeguang: The Chinese side firmly opposes and strongly condemns the wrong remarks of the UK Side on the Taiwan Question(2022-08-11)
· [CGTN] UK blames wrong side for threatening Taiwan Strait security : China's UK ambassador(2022-08-11)
· [CGTN] Chinese ambassador exhorts UK to avoid dancing to U.S. tune on Taiwan(2022-08-03)
· [ChinaDaily] UK ambassador strongly condemns Pelosi's Taiwan visit(2022-08-03)
· [CGTN]Stronger ties and cooperation discussed as the Chinese Ambassador visited Cardiff(2022-07-10)
· [ChinaDaily] China's ambassador to the UK visits Scotland's universities(2022-07-05)
· [ChinaDaily] China's ambassador to UK visits Scottish businesses, city officials(2022-07-05)
· [Xinhua] Scottish officials, universities willing to enhance cooperation with China(2022-06-30)
· [Xinhua] China, Scotland enjoy various cooperation: ambassador(2022-06-30)
· [CGTN] China's ambassador to UK visits Scotland(2022-06-23)
· [ChinaDaily] China's ambassador says Scotland ties mean 'opportunities up for grabs'(2022-06-23)
· [Xinhua] GLOBALink | Direct shipping service helps promote trade between China, UK(2022-05-02)
· [ChinaDaily] Ambassador calls for new type of global relations(2022-04-07)
· [ChinaDaily] Deal that turned moon folk into harvesters of the sun(2022-03-30)
· [ChinaDaily] Envoy calls for right understanding in future Sino-UK relations(2022-03-30)
· [CGTN] Heritage Flame for Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympic Games lit at Stoke Mandeville(2022-03-01)
· [Xinhua] GLOBALink|Heritage flame lighting ceremony for Beijing Winter Paralympics held in Britain(2022-03-01)
· [Xinhua] Paralympic Heritage Flame lit in Stoke Mandeville(2022-03-02)
· [People's Daily] ‘Icebreakers’ 2022 Chinese New Year celebration held successfully to much fanfare(2022-01-28)
· [China Daily] 'Ice-breaking spirit' advances China-UK ties(2022-01-28)
· [Xinhua] British business community voices hope for stronger trade ties with China(2022-01-28)
· [CGTN] Annual Chinese symposium celebrates new CPC resolution(2021-11-25)
· [Xinhua] U.S. withdrawal from Paris Agreement wastes world 5 years to tackle climate change: Chinese envoy(2021-11-04)
· [CGTN] Developed countries with past environmental debts 'should make bigger climate contribution'(2021-11-02)
[China Daily] China urges UK to stop manipulating BNO scheme
2023-02-02 09:47
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