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Ambassador Zheng Zeguang Attends China-Britain Business Council Enterprise Roundtable
2022-12-15 10:10

On 1 December 2022, Chinese Ambassador to the UK H.E. Zheng Zeguang attended the China-Britain Business Council Enterprise Roundtable. Ambassador Zheng briefed the heads of prominent British enterprises at the Roundtable on China's economic development and Covid prevention & control policy and took questions from the floor.

Ambassador Zheng noted that China is firmly committed to  coordinating Covid response and economic and social development, and has introduced a series of new measures this year. Based on the recent development of the pandemic, China has optimised and adjusted its response measures in light of the changing circumstances, and has made its measures more scientific, targeted and precise. Facing the pandemic and other factors beyond expectation, China has introduced a timely package of policies and measures for stabilising the economy and reversed the economic downturn at the beginning of the second quarter this year. Currently, China's economy is recovering and showing a momentum of stabilising. With China’s control measures further optimised and advanced in an orderly manner, its economic growth will continue to rebound. China enjoys advantages in political system, policy, industrial structure, talent and market scale. The strong fundamentals of the Chinese economy will not change, and it will remain on a positive trajectory over the long run.

Ambassador Zheng pointed out that recently policies of some countries have seen flip-flops with irrational factors on the rise. Their economies are facing pressures of both high inflation and economic recession, which have brought new challenges to business cooperation. He noted that China-UK relations and business cooperation can only move forward in healthy manner when the the principles of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit are upheld. He encouraged the business communities of both countries to strengthen confidence, overcome difficulties and follow the general direction of mutual benefit and win-win progress in a joint endeavour to promote the healthy and stable development of the economic and trade relations between the two countries.

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