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Embassy Spokesperson on the Wrongful Remarks Related to China Made by the UK Foreign Secretary
2023-06-04 23:20

Question: On 4 June, Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs of the UK James Cleverly tweeted about the June 4th incident, claiming that “we will never forget those who stood up for democracy” and “the UK will always stand with those who defend freedom and human rights in China.” What is your comment on this?

Embassy Spokesperson: As for the political turbulence that happened in the late 1980s, the Chinese Government has already made a definitive conclusion. Committed to the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, China has made remarkable achievements in developing democracy and safeguarding human rights, which have won the whole-hearted support of the Chinese people and the full recognition of the international community.

We advise the UK side to take a hard look at its own human rights record and stop its violations of the human rights of citizens of the UK and other countries. We urge the UK side not to point fingers at the affairs of other countries and stop interfering in China's internal affairs.

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