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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson: the Competent Chinese Authorities Had a Virtual Meeting with the WHO
2023-01-03 12:51

Question: Many are paying close attention to China’s communication with the international community over COVID infections. The WHO released a statement saying that competent Chinese authorities have met with the WHO. Can you share some details on that?

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson: Since COVID-19 began, China has actively participated in international cooperation against the pandemic and immediately joined the international response to the COVID challenge. Based on the latest changes in the COVID situation and the circumstances facing our response, the competent authorities in China have shared information in a timely, open and transparent manner in accordance with the law. We shared the genome data of the virus from the latest COVID cases in China via the Global Initiative on Sharing Avian Influenza Data (GISAID). Several days ago, the competent Chinese authorities had a virtual meeting with the WHO and had technical exchange on the current COVID situation, treatment and vaccination. The two sides agreed to continue technical exchanges and contribute to an early global victory over the pandemic.

Health experts from many countries have said that the main variant now spreading in China has previously been found elsewhere already, and that a new variant can emerge anywhere on the planet, which means entry restrictions targeting China are unnecessary. China always believes that for all countries, COVID response measures need to be science-based and proportionate. They should not be used for political manipulation, there should not be discriminatory measures against certain countries, and measures should not affect normal travel and people-to-people exchange and cooperation.

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