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Embassy Spokesperson’s Remarks on US Officials’ Accusation that China’s Decision to Suspend Bilateral Climate Talks with the US Punishes the Whole World
2022-08-13 05:32

Question: Some US officials claimed that China’s decision to suspend bilateral climate talks with the US punishes the whole world rather than the US. What is your take on this?

Embassy Spokesperson: China has warned the US well in advance that should Pelosi visit Taiwan, it would cause a crisis and major disruptions to China-US exchange and cooperation. Unfortunately, the US side ignored that, and went ahead with the visit. The Taiwan question is at the very heart of China’s core interests. The United States, while undermining China’s core interests, is asking for China’s cooperation where they need it. What kind of logic is this? China’s decision to cancel or suspend cooperation in some areas does not come without warning. We say what we mean and mean what we say. There is no reason why the US should feel surprised or upset.

But the US cannot represent the whole world. As a responsible major country, China will continue to actively participate in international and multilateral cooperation on climate change. We have made a solemn pledge to strive to peak carbon dioxide emissions before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060. We are endeavoring to formulate and implement a “1+N” policy framework for low-carbon development and green transition. We will pursue our carbon peak and carbon neutrality targets with undiminished efforts, take an active part in negotiations on climate change through main channels, provide other developing countries with support and help as our ability permits, and make our contributions to the global challenge of climate change.  

What the US should do is to fulfil its international responsibilities and obligations. It should stop making excuses for its own mistakes.

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