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Minister Yang Xiaoguang Attends the Energy and International Relations Panel of Oxford China Forum 2022 and Delivers a Speech
2022-03-24 23:50

On 21 March , Minister Yang Xiaoguang from the Chinese Embassy in the UK attended the Energy and International Relations Panel of Oxford China Forum and delivered a speech via video link.

Minister Yang said energy is the lifeblood of modern society. After the 18th century, the wide application of coal, petroleum and electricity fueled the first and second industrial revolutions and brought human civilization from the agricultural age to the industrial age. Energy became an important driving force for world economic growth. While the industrialization created enormous material wealth, mankind’s excessive use of natural resources has had an impact on the ecological balance and led in part to climate change, biodiversity loss and a host of other problems. These reveal the increasingly prominent and deep-seated problems between man and nature, and the severe challenges to the survival and development of mankind. 

Minister Yang noted that for the sake of mankind’s shared future, people around the world must join hands, accelerate energy transition, address climate change and promote green development. We need to foster a new pattern of harmonious coexistence between man and nature. In light of this, Minister Yang put forward 4 suggestions: first, give priority to ecological conservation and work together to build a community of all life on Earth; second, focus on actions and accelerate the transition to green development; third, uphold multilateralism and improve global governance on climate response and environmental protection; fourth, increase support for developing countries and revitalize the cause of global development.

Minister Yang said China and the UK are both important global players and should make more contribution to the progress of mankind. There are huge potentials for cooperation between the two countries in green finance, green technology, renewable energy, civilian use of nuclear energy, electric vehicles and carbon capture and storage. China stands ready to enhance policy dialogue and coordination as well as practical cooperation with the international community, including the UK, on green development and ecological conservation. This will bring benefit to the peoples of both countries and contribute to the building of a community of all life on Earth.

The Energy and International Relations Panel was hosted by the Oxford China Forum. Scholars and experts from the University of Oxford, National Institute of Clean-and-Low-Carbon Energy, affiliated to China Energy Investment Corporation, the Financial Times and McKinsey Global Institute attended the Forum.

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